Convert Putty Key Gen File Into RSA Key File

Convert Putty Key Gen File Into RSA Key File

As a windows user i generate my SSH keys using Putty Key Generator which provides the key in .ppk. but today i had a special requirement which required my SSH Key in RSA Format

Since i learned something new on how to convert .ppk into RSA i thought that i could share it with you to.

Lets Get Started


  1. Putty Generated Key
  2. Putty Key Generator App For Windows
  3. Linux Server (Ubuntu preferred)

Step 1

Load the Private Key File in Putty Key Generator and export it as OpenSSH Key


The exported key file should have text "BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY" Exported File

Step 2

Upload the file to a Linux server and run the below cmd which will convert the OpenSSH Key into RSA and update the same file

ssh-keygen -p -m PEM -f  {your-key-filename}

Step 3

Thats it. your putty Generated key file is now converted to RSA key.