Dizzle - CSS Selector Library

Dizzle - CSS Selector Library

What is Dizzle?

Dizzle turns CSS selectors into functions that test if elements match them. When searching for elements, testing is executed "from the top", similar to how browsers execute CSS selectors.

Why I Created this library when jQuery/Sizzle Can do the job?

Long story short I wanted to move from jQuery to VanillaJS but then I faced a roadblock that I can't use special CSS selectors such as :input in VanillaJS to fetch elements due to which I worked on this library.


  • Full implementation of CSS 3 & CSS 4 selectors
  • Partial implementation of jQuery Extensions
  • Pretty good performance
  • Light Weight

Finding All Input Elements Inside A Form

var $elements = dizzle('div#yourID :input');

Filter Elements

 * Filter All Visible H2 tags
var visibleH2 = dizzle.filter(':visible',dizzle('h2'));

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