Github Action - Workflow Sync | Sync Files Across Repositories

Github Action - Workflow Sync | Sync Files Across Repositories

This Github Action can come in handy when you have a lot of projects as I do. wherein some cases certain projects users action workflow which is common across projects. For example: Project 1 & Project 2 it can be a pain to keep all the workflow updated with Github Action's Module's version.

This also isn't limited to Github Action YAML files. Another use case could be keeping the .editorconfig, LICENSE, tsconfig.json, tslint.json, .gitignore, azure-pieplines.yml, etc. in sync across all your repositories.

Here where this action comes in and reduces your stress 😉 it can update all your repository actions file based on the config provided

How Files Sync Work?

Before copying the WORKFLOW_FILES from the source to the destination. this action will provide some flexibility. this searches for a file in various locations for example lets take settings.yml as the file that you want to sync for multiple repositories

Below are the locations that this action search for the file/folder

  • ./{OWNER}/{REPO_NAME}/workflows/{filename}
  • ./{OWNER}/workflows/{filename}
  • ./{WORKFLOW_FILES_DIR}/{filename}
  • ./.github/workflows/{filename}
  • ./{OWNER}/{REPO_NAME}/{filename}
  • ./{OWNER}/{filename}
  • ./{filename}

if the settings.yml is found inside the workflows folder then the destination is automatically forced to .github/workflows in the destination repo

if the settings.yml is outside of the workflows folder then the destination then its copied to the destination

How this can be useful?

Let's assume that you want to maintain all the common GitHub files in a single repository and suddenly a repository needs a single file to be changed in that case instead of editing the action YML / YAML file. you can just create a folder like {REPO_OWNER}/{REPO_NAME}/{FILE} to copy the overridden file to the destination

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